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Addigy is a cloud-based IT management platform for managing Apple devices in real time.

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Addigy is the only real-time Apple device management platform that combines Mobile Device Management with live agent capabilities to manage and secure your Apple ecosystem at the speed of now — regardless of your level of Apple expertise. Our goal is to help you do more than just manage your Apple devices. Addigy empowers you to customize the way you manage your Apple infrastructure to best support your team and environment. So you can seek to ensure every device is secure, ready to scale, and backed by a leading team of Apple experts.

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Miami, FL
“Addigy has developed one of the most advanced Apple device management platforms by combining RMM and MDM technologies. Our PSG investment is key to our ambitions to expand globally and pioneer key ecosystem integrations to allow Apple devices to be fully integrated within IT organization workflows. I am very excited to partner with PSG, a leading SaaS growth investor, and continue Addigy’s trajectory of innovation with an aim towards meeting the rapidly evolving needs of IT teams and towards providing our customers the highest level of support.”
— Jason Dettbarn, CEO of Addigy

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Did you know?

The company’s MDM and integrated remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform is used by over 1,500 customers that support over 4,000 organizations worldwide.

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