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Conversica is a pioneer of intelligent virtual assistants to attract, acquire and grow customers at scale.

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A Conversica intelligent virtual assistant is an A.I.-powered, SaaS-based software application that serves as a virtual team member and autonomously engages contacts, prospects, customers or partners in human-like, two-way interactions at scale to drive toward the next best action that accelerates revenue—whether that’s scheduling a sales meeting, gauging interest to buy additional products or services, or politely but persistently collecting overdue payments.

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Foster City, CA
"Conversica has helped save companies during COVID. Can you imagine having to lay off your teams, close your doors during shelter-in-place and potentially see your hard work over decades result in closing shop? We quickly replaced people during the worst times, and staffed up quickly during growth, augmenting the existing teams in a way that saved businesses. Our digital workforce helps cover all customers’ digital leads, finds hot opportunities for sales teams, supports customer success teams on expanding the business, and efficiently collecting cash - all at any scale."
— Jim Kaskade, CEO at Conversica

Did you know?

Conversica delivers an excellent human-like experience with over ¾ of a billion interactions served with a 98% AI Accuracy rate, as of November 2020.

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