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Government Brands provides software and payment solutions to improve engagement between the public and local and state governments.

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Government Brands is a preferred partner for government software solutions and integrated payments. Supporting thousands of government customers across the United States and Canada, Government Brands offers solutions for all sizes of governments: municipalities, counties, states and federal agencies. The company’s cost-effective solutions with integrated payments improve engagement with the public, and its customer-centric solutions streamline, automate and enhance back-office workflows and overall government operations.

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"Innovation is a key to Government Brand’s success, so much so, we have named one of our verticals the innovation vertical. Our companies strive to help the governments we serve to modernize how citizens engage with their governments, whether it be through a website, on their smartphones or in person."
— John Kristel, CEO of Government Brands

CEO Quick Take with John Kristel

Highlighting one of PSG's most important assets - our CEOs.

Highlighting one of PSG's most important assets - our CEOs.

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More than $9B in combined annual payment processing volume.

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