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Lusha makes the go-to-market world smarter by commoditizing B2B data.

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Founded in 2016 by Yoni Tserruya and Assaf Eisenstein, Lusha provides simple, self-service products that help sales and marketing companies grow their business. Thanks to accurate B2B contact details, Lusha allows sales to prospect and reach their ideal future customers and spend more time selling. Lusha Contacts enables salespeople to locate accurate B2B data, shorten their sales discovery and close more deals. Lusha Forms enables marketers to increase conversion rates by auto-filling their lead forms without compromising on the lead qualification. The company serves users, ranging from small to enterprise businesses.

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Tel Aviv, Israel
"We innovate by bringing B2C’s well known simple user experience into the B2B world. At Lusha, we believe there is no reason why buying, onboarding and using software should be any different than buying a shirt online. Customers want to experience things for themselves. This is why we focus on making SaaS products in the simplest way possible which is self-served first."
— Yoni Tserruya, CEO & Co-Founder of Lusha

Did you know?

Lusha founders bootstrapped a company with a mission to commoditize B2B data to make the GTM world more knowledgeable and efficient.

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