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Transit Technologies provides software solutions that enable safe, efficient and reliable transportation for all.

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Transit Technologies provides best-in-class mission-critical software, hardware and services to organizations of all sizes to digitize fleet operations and drive improved cost, compliance and customer service. The company’s software solutions enable transportation companies to track and manage every aspect of their fleet from scheduling, dispatch, route optimization and digital fare collection for non-emergency medical and paratransit, to telematics solutions that can track any asset, or any person, anywhere, anytime, to full lifecycle management from purchase to disposal. Our solutions enable organizations to lower insurance costs, leverage vehicle spend more efficiently and optimize productivity to improve performance.

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Knoxville, TN
"We help our clients manage the “3 C’s” - Cost, Compliance and improve their Customer Service. We believe our solutions drive productivity, reduce fuel and insurance costs, streamline reporting and improve end user experience."
— Gerry Leonard, CEO of Transit Technologies

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As of November 2020, Transit Technologies software manages nearly 400,000 Municipal vehicles (Ambulance, Firetrucks, Police Cars) and roughly $22B in Municipal assets ensuring taxpayers dollars are spent responsibly.

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