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Vault Verify seeks to securely automate requests for verification of employment and income for HR departments.

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Vault Verify’s platform allows HR departments to automate employee verification through API integrations. The company’s proprietary API and software technology integrates with leading HR systems and pulls data records in real-time to automate the entire employment and income verification process, thereby reducing human involvement. Vault Verify’s API-driven verification model has meaningfully improved data security by completely removing the need for mass storage of employee data outside of an organization’s data infrastructure and instead securely pulls individual data records in real-time.

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St. Petersburg, FL
"I am proud to partner with PSG because as we continue to look to scale Vault Verify, they have shown time and again a willingness and ability to support our business across all facets - financial, operational, tactical, and strategic. A true partner in every sense of the word!"
— Tim Fessenden, CEO at Vault Verify

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Did you know?

Vault Verify is a pioneer in developing/using a real time integration process to securely automate VOE and VOI.

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