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The Loopback platform connects Health Systems and Life Sciences through analytics and data-enabled services.

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Founded in 2009, Loopback Analytics is a leading provider of data analytics and insights that simplify understanding, access and innovation for patients requiring specialty care.

The platform enables:

  • Health Systems to help identify, understand and engage their most complex specialty patients
  • Health System Clients to help secure specialty pharmacy payor and limited distribution drug access
  • Innovators across research and industry to help identify, understand and engage in nuanced patient and therapy journeys
  • Researchers to help identify and understand the markers and journey for rare diagnoses

Health system specialty and ambulatory pharmacy programs are positioned to help provide superior care for patients through their close relationship with prescribers and integrated care model, and the Loopback data platform helps support and enable these organizations to capitalize on growth opportunities and improve patient outcomes.

Healthcare and Life Science stakeholders use the Loopback clinical intelligence platform to identify and understand how patient cohorts that would otherwise be difficult to identify and quantify are treated in the real world.

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Dallas, TX
"Our partnership with PSG is a game-changer. Their financial support is enabling us to expand our capabilities for client service and new product development. PSG also brings knowledge, expertise and relationships that have helped us expand our vision of what is possible and have helped position us for success in capitalizing on the opportunity in front of us."
— Neil Smiley, CEO at Loopback
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