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Lumaverse Technologies provides constituent management and engagement software for nonprofits and education.

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Lumaverse Technologies is comprised of a suite of software solutions that help solve volunteer, member, event and fundraising management challenges. The company lights the way to increased engagement, data-driven insights and streamlined group management that lets organizations spend less time organizing spreadsheets and checklists and more time building lasting connections with their communities. Lumaverse products include leading solutions in these areas: CRM for nonprofits, parent engagement for K-12 schools, online sign-ups, online appointment scheduling, online course registration, online directory service and peer-to-peer crowdfunding.

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Charlotte, NC
"What I appreciate most about PSG is that there are simply no egos at the table from the top of PSG to the most recent graduates – it is a super collaborative team fostering an open exchange and meritocracy of ideas."
— Mike Barros, CEO of Lumaverse Technologies

Did you know?

We formally launched the Lumaverse corporate brand and platform in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to support schools, nonprofits and healthcare organizations as they work tirelessly to manage this crisis.

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